Stock Information


IN STOCK: We currently have the item in stock and not allocated to other orders. If it will ship ground, then it will take 24 hours to ship. If it will ship freight, please allow 3-5 days for processing. Subject to change.

LOW STOCK: Order now to secure the item as we have less than 5 left in stock and not committed to other orders. Subject to change.

USUALLY SHIPS IN 5-10 DAYS: These items are currently not in stock in the warehouse but are either on order with the manufacturer, on the way to us or sitting on the dock waiting to get received into stock. This is an estimated time but could be less or more depending on availability with the manufacturer and transit times. Please call to get a specific lead time.

AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER: We recommend placing your order to get in the queue! We don’t currently have the item in stock; however, we order 3-6 months in advance for inventory ahead of customer orders. Please call to get a lead time.