Benefits of the Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

* Faster cut alignments with fully adjustable dual-laser marking system.
* Rapid miter setting with cam-action lock system.
* FastFix blade change system for rapid blade changes.
* Rail-forward design allows you to work in tight quarters.
* Angle transfer device eliminates complex angle calculations.
* Easy and precise bevel angle setting with counter spring system and fine adjustment.
* 12" miter saw capacity in a 10" miter saw design.
* Attention to air flow and system components delivers highly efficient dust extraction.

Innovation. Compounded.
The Kapex KS 120 was developed with one goal in mind: to be the best sliding compound miter saw, period. The KS 120 is the first miter saw with variable speed, enabling the user to match the speed of the blade with the requirements of the material for perfect cuts, every time. Finally, a sliding compound miter saw that combines a large cutting capacity with a compact lightweight design.

The innovative twin-column forward rail design gives this saw greater precision in an extremely small footprint. And Festool’s meticulous engineers designed the saw to capture 91% of the saw dust when used with a CT dust extractor (when using a 36 mm hose).

Lightweight Sliding Compound Miter Saw.
There are many good reasons to make the Kapex KS 120 your next sliding compound miter saw: lightweight, superb dust extraction capabilities, micro-bevel adjustments, large scales, variable speed, quick release fences, dual laser guides, and FastFix blade changes, to name a few.

Innovative features that allow you to measure and cut inside and outside corners without complex calculations are sure to take productivity to new levels. No other sliding compound miter saw offers so much value and so many great features.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw Applications.
The KS 120 has a small footprint and compact design with a great amount of power. The power and impressive cutting depth of the KS 120 will make you think that you are working with a much larger saw. This saw is remarkable. It has the cutting capacity of a 12" unit and is capable of cutting trim molding almost 4 3/4" tall in the special cutting position, and hardwoods greater than 3" thick, smoothly and precisely.

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