Benefits of Festool Routers.

* Maintain constant speed under load with MMC electronics.
* Fast, accurate and tool-free router depth adjustments.
* Quick bit changes, thanks to easy- access designs and ratcheting collets.
* Jobs require less physical effort, because of the high power and low weight.
* Accurate control and greater comfort with the ergonomic handles.
* Lockable triggers and variable speed control.
* Precise to 1/256" (1/10 mm) depth adjustment.
* Near-total dust extraction for a cleaner work environment.
* Plunge routers combine with Festool guide rails for straight and repeatable cuts.

A router for every need.
Manufactured to exacting tolerances and with the highest quality materials, Festool routers are designed to be both accurate and long-lasting. Whether trim routing laminate or making heavy cuts in hard maple or solid surface material, Festool offers a router to meet nearly every application. These routers offer unprecedented levels of usability with built-in dust extraction, micro-adjustability, and a tremendous range of clever accessories.

Take a new route.
With its router lineup, Festool has established benchmarks for precision and versatility at every level. Trim routing is easier and more precise than ever with the MFK 700. With a base system that allows it to work just as well horizontally as it does vertically, the MFK 700 is a true standout in a market filled with one-trick-ponies.

Even though the OF 1010 may be Festool’s smallest plunge router, it delivers big power while offering easy and precise one-handed operation. Just slightly larger, the OF 1400 is widely considered Festool’s most versatile router. At just under 10 lbs, it offers the best combination of power, precision, depth of cut, and dust extraction available in the market, hands down. At the top end, the unmatched power and plunge capacity of the OF 2200 makes short work of routing decorative edge in thick maple or solid surface materials. Capable of making smooth, chatter-free cuts in virtually any material, the OF 2200 is truly the king of all routers.

Router Applications.
The OF 1010, OF 1400, and OF 2200 all have optional accessories that allow them to be used with Festool guide rails. This option makes routing grooves and dados a snap.

Routing decorative edges on thick maple or solid surface materials is easy with the extra power and plunge capacity of the OF 2200. Capable of making smooth, chatter-free cuts in most materials, this router is the king of all routers.

With its feeler bearing attachment, the MFK 700 makes trim routing easier than ever. It is one of the most versatile trim routers on the market.

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