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  1. Vinicio asks Jul 5, 2022

    I need to buy the domino 700 cutter set I need to know if they have it

    1. Brandon Cook answers Jul 6, 2022

      There are 2 separate sets for the Domino XL, the 8/10 (576791) and the 12/14 (576792). Both are in stock. The 8/10 tennon assortment comes with an 8mm and 10mm cutter, while the 12/14 assortment comes with the 14mm cutter. The domino itself should have come with the 12mm, which is why it is absent from the assortment. I hope this helps!
      Thank you for your inquiry

  2. Carl asks Jun 24, 2022

    Do you have 4 mm and 5 mm dominoes in stock

    1. Brandon Cook answers Jun 28, 2022

      Yes we do! It looks like we have a small number of the 5x19x30 (493296) and good stock on the 4x17x20 (495661) There should be a stock indicator under the price to let you know if it in stock, or needs to be ordered.
      Thank you for your inquiry!

2 Item(s)

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