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Fast, quiet,and built to run in rugged production environments, Kreg offers pocket-hole machines that can drill 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 pocket holes in just one machine cycle!

Kreg Pocket-Hole Machines offer the speed, reliability, and features you need when you’re ready for Kreg Joinery™ on a production scale. Whether you’re an independent contractor or you have a large cabinet shop, you’ll find a machine that’s sized, equipped, and priced to fit your needs—from portable electric single-hole units to pneumatic multiple-spindle machines.

When it comes to production pocket holes, we’ve got you covered. We offer the widest selection of industrial pocket hole machines on the market. Semi-automatic, fully-automatic, single-spindle or multi-spindle, choose an option that fits your production schedule and budget. A demonstration DVD is available upon request.

Fast: Cycle times of 2 seconds or less… and we have machines that drill up to 5 holes per cycle! Fast, efficient and built for high-speed production.

Durable: Unlike other drilling machines, Kreg machines use a hardened steel drill guide that supports the drill bit all the way into the workpiece, prolonging drill bit life and improving the cut quality of each pocket hole.

Quiet: No need to bring your earplugs… Kreg machines (electric and pneumatic) are the quietest on the market. Now that’s something everyone in the shop can appreciate.

Reliable: All Kreg Pocket-Hole Machines are TRUE production machines featuring high-quality industrial motors that are built to run all day, every day, in high volume production environments. Our unique design minimizes the stress on moving parts and eliminates failure-prone parts.

Repeatable: Kreg machines feature unique Swing Stops that allow your stock to be positioned in a repeatable fashion and pocket holes to be easily duplicated in the same location across cabinet rails. A Swing Stop can be quickly moved out of the way – and bypassed completely – by simply pushing your stock into its face.

Quick: Don’t let bit changes slow you down! All of our machines feature a simple and straightforward design which lets you switch bits in 60 seconds or less. After all, time IS money.

Adjustable: Whether you’re working with 1/2" material or 2x4s, we’ve got the machine to handle it. All Kreg Pocket-Hole Machines are easy to adjust for specific stock in just a few seconds.

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